Polyaspartic floor coatings offer a wide range of benefits including high wear and scratch resistance, stain and chemical resistance, flexibility, will not amber/yellow due to direct sun exposure like epoxy does, easy to clean, and a high solids content meaning it is one of the most durable coatings on the market.

Surface preparation is the most important step of any coating, DIY kits inform homeowners that pressure washing and an acid etch is sufficient when in reality you need to grind or shotblast the surface of the concrete to “open the pores” allowing the coating to penetrate into the slab, this is when you get the correct bond, we have the equipment necessary to achieve this on every project.

You can expect a lifetime of 20-30 years depending on the amount of usage the floor sees.

An average garage will take us 1.5 days to complete the installation process.

With average temperature during the installation process you will want to give the floor 24 hours before foot traffic and 72 hours before vehicular traffic.

We can repair these areas with a specialized 2 component, polyurethane material. Cracks may reappear in the future though as it will not prevent a concrete slab from shifting throughout the freeze and thaw cycles we experience in Alberta.

No, we can add anti slip additives to the top coat providing some traction and “grit”

Yes we offer a 15 year warranty against delamination due to poor surface preparation.

Yes, we have the proper prep and dust collection equipment necessary to remove carpet glue, black mastic, thinset, and high spots.

Every floor is different, sometimes we can build low spots to help water dissipate faster but in other cases it is more cost efficient to get a drain installed.

Just like anything you will want to clean and maintain your floor, we recommend pressure washing in the spring time or using Simple Green Cleaner and water to remove stains.